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EEG’s Plastic Recycling Month!
Bring your Plastic Bottles and watch the Initial Recycling Process Live!

The month of May is EEG’s Plastic Recycling Month. Plastic Recycling will be encouraged during the month through recycling demo sessions, interactive activities and updates on the website. EEG has procured a plastic recycling demo station in the office. Using that, one can see the plastic bottles being crushed and made ready for recycling with the interactive station. Bring used drinking water bottles to EEG Office on the dates given below in the table and get hands on experience of using the machine. The demo sessions will be delivered in Arabic and English on Wednesdays and Saturdays respectively starting from May 7, 2014. What are you waiting for! Start collecting plastic water bottles from today!
For more information and registration, e-mail us at eeg@emirates.net.ae